Setup Multiple Payment Options on One Gravity Form

How can I give users the choice of paying with PayPal or [another payment processor]?

This is a common question I get with the Gravity Forms + Stripe Add-On, but it applies to any other payment processor.

To accomplish this, you need one field to hold all of your possible choices and then you can use that field in your conditional logic. Here’s how we do it with Gravity Forms + Stripe:

  1. On your form, create a radio button field to allow your user to choose whether they will be paying with PayPal or Stripe (substitute your payment processor for Stripe if you’re using someone else)
    Gravity Forms Multiple Payment Options Radio Button Field
  2. Create your product field(s)
  3. Add your credit card field and enable conditional logic on this field, only showing the field if the person chose Stripe. Skip this step if your PayPal version accepts credit cards via the Gravity Forms credit card field, and/or if your other payment processor does not accept credit card payments (e.g. if you were using PayPal and Dwolla).
    Gravity Forms Credit Card Field Condition
  4. Create a Stripe rule and enable the Stripe condition on the rule so that it’s only triggered when the user selects the Stripe payment option
    Gravity Forms Stripe Payment Feed Conditional Logic
  5. Create a PayPal feed, and enable the PayPal condition on the feed so that it’s only triggered when the user selects PayPal

But what if I need recurring payments, too?

You’ll just expand your options. Instead of having only two options: Stripe and PayPal. You’d have four options:

  1. One-time payment (Credit Card)
  2. One-time payment (PayPal)
  3. Recurring payment (Credit Card)
  4. Recurring payment (PayPal)

And you’d be able to use those options on both your credit card field (if necessary) and in your one-time payment and recurring payment feeds (most Gravity Forms payment add-ons require separate feeds for one-time payments and subscription payments).
The key is that all of your options have to be in one field — you can’t split the options into multiple fields.

And here’s an example form you can download, unzip, and import into your site to see how it works right in your Gravity Forms form editor:


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