Make Gravity Forms Hidden Field a Certain Type

Sometimes you need to have some data on your form, but it needs to be hidden. Gravity Forms has a hidden field type — perfect! Or is it?

What if you need the field to be a certain type? Like a product field, or date field, or any other Gravity Forms field? A Gravity Forms hidden field is a basic text field — it doesn’t provide any formatting for a specific type of data like the other Gravity Forms fields. So how can you make a Gravity Forms hidden field be a certain type?

Well, you can’t. But, you can simply use whatever field type you want and then hide it with CSS. Every time I mention that to a client, they look at me, I look back at them, they look back at me…ok, you get it. I patiently allow them to go through the stages of their “why didn’t I think of that” moment 😉

And, Gravity Forms does you a big favor when it comes to common CSS adjustments — they provide ready-made classes that you can use on the Appearance tab of any Gravity Forms field, in the ‘Custom CSS Class’ box. So, to hide a field, simply use the gf_invisible class.

Hope that helped!

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