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by  gravity+

Salesforce is an important part of your organization's workflow...

But as you know, the Gravity Forms Salesforce plugin has languished for over 2 years with no updates or support because it requires more attention than can be given in the random free moments one may find on the weekend.


And frankly,

you should be able to rely on the tools you use for your business

The previous owner, Zack of Katz Web Services, approached me — Naomi, owner of gravity+ for the past 8 years — about finding a good home for the plugin, and we saw that it aligned with our current work helping businesses strategically use Gravity Forms.


So we’re providing a path to move the plugin forward and ensuring that it will continue to be a valuable tool for your business, far into the future.


The plugin has been completely rewritten from scratch to use the latest Gravity Forms and Salesforce APIs, so a lot has changed.


Has this plugin been updated to work with the latest Salesforce release? YES

The first step

is to get the guide to a painless migration that documents every change and the exact steps to take.

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