Gravity Forms Multi-Currency Selector

True Multi-Currency for Gravity Forms

Requires Open Exchange Rates account

Compatible with the original Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On

Gravity Forms only allows you to display prices in one currency.

This could be impacting your sales, as it leaves your international visitors on their own to figure out how much they’ll actually be paying in their own currency. They have to leave your site to get this information, increasing the possibility of them abandoning the purchase process completely.

Gravity Forms form currency

Use a different currency for each form

This add-on brings multi-currency support to Gravity Forms, allowing you to display prices in a different currency for each form. So you can have one form in GBP, another in EUR, and so on.

But that’s not all.

Allow visitors to select their currency

For more than a few currencies, creating a new form for each currency is tedious…and unnecessary.

Instead, create one form and use the Gravity Forms currency field to allow your visitors to choose their currency.

The currency field will display a list all of the currencies you choose to accept.

Gravity Forms currency field
Gravity Forms Multi-Currency Selector example

Automatically convert prices

And your visitors won’t need to go searching for conversion rates.

This plugin plus Open Exchange Rates will automatically convert the prices on your form into the currency the visitor chooses. In real-time.

Works with the latest version of Gravity Forms

Uses the official Gravity Forms Add-On Framework

Includes updates and support for one site for one year

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