Gravity Forms Add-Ons

Gravity Forms + Stripe

The original Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On that allows you to create custom payment forms to easily and securely accept credit card payments on your WordPress site with Stripe and Gravity Forms! You can accept both one-time and recurring subscription payments, and more.

Gravity Forms + Salesforce

The hardest working member of your Salesforce team (next to you, of course). Gets your data from your website to Salesforce and keeps it updated — even custom objects.

Gravity Forms Utility

A collection of tools to make your life easier when working with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Post to 3rd Party

Send your Gravity Forms form submission data to any third-party that provides a URL to POST the data, like MailChimp

Gravity Forms Dynamic Population Pro

Gravity Forms dynamic population without a single line of code. Dynamically populate dropdowns with any WordPress data. Populate based on user choice & more.

Gravity Forms Podio Add-On

Gravity Forms + Podio integrates Gravity Forms with Podio, allowing you to send your form submissions to your Podio apps, with more flexibility than Zapier.

Gravity Forms Limit Date Range

Limit the date range of a Gravity Forms datepicker or dropdown date field by setting a minimum and maximum allowed date

Gravity Forms User Registration Enhanced

Create *and* update a user with the same Gravity form.

Gravity Forms + Mautic

Gravity Forms Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Accepting payments on your website with Gravity Forms? Track those payments in Google Analytics with Gravity Forms Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Gravity Forms Community

Chat & Share with other Gravity Forms users

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